What do I Do?

I’m passionate about helping businesses understand how they can effectively utilize online marketing to better serve their customers. I work in the building products industry helping small to large sized building products companies explore, develop, and effectively execute online marketing campaigns. Social media and other online tools have given businesses a way to connect with their customers like never before and I find it super exciting!

I’m the Digital Marketing Strategist at Overhead Door Corporation where I work with our brand marketing team to develop digital marketing strategies to implement across all of our online marketing channels.

Some of the things I do on a daily basis is develop, design and execute email marketing campaigns, blog, manage our social media sites, create online lead forms, video production and editing, and also develop and manage a lot of the online content you see for our Overhead Door and Wayne Dalton brands.

When Did you first become interested in Marketing?

When I was in high school, my school (Toms River High School North) offered marketing and advertising classes as electives. Since only creative and art centered classes really peaked my interest at the time I decided to give it a shot…and I LOVED IT.  When I enrolled at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA my freshman year I knew I wanted to do something in business and of course leaned towards marketing.

How long have you been working in Marketing?

I had the privileged of working during my senior year of college as an intern for Subaru of America, Inc. in Cherry Hill, N.J. While I was there I worked with the Marketing Communications Department as the Relationship Marketing Intern. It was great to be a part of a company who put such a high emphasis on creating a culture of passionate customers. I was the production assistant in both Drive and Drive Performance Magazines, which were two magazines that went out to Subaru owners.  There were many projects that I was involved in and working as an intern at Subaru of America, Inc. was an excellent start to my career in Marketing.

When did you first become interest in Digital Marketing?

I first became really interested in Digital Marketing when I was in College at La Salle University in Philadelphia. While I was there from 2008-2012 social media was starting to become a place for businesses. Up to this point social media was strictly only for personal use and very few companies were on it. My senior year at La Salle I took a course called, Social Media Marketing. This was like no other course I took in college simply because it was all student-taught. Since the concept of social media marketing was still new, finding a professor that had the experience Millennials had was extremely difficult so La Salle decided to have students teach the course. Every week a student taught on a social media site and either gave examples of how a business was utilizing it or gave a forward-thinking approach and taught the class how they thought a business could utilize the platform.

When starting my career at Overhead Door Corporation, an opportunity arose for me to move into a brand new digital marketing position. This was a first for my company and I was excited to take on the challenge. Since beginning this quest, I’ve been extremely blessed to be a part of some pretty amazing projects including two website launches.  I look forward to continuing my career in this very exciting field that I see continuing to grow as capabilities of our technology expands.