My passion for building service-oriented businesses came from a book called, “Built to Serve, How to Drive the Bottom Line with People First Practices” written by Dan Sanders, the former CEO of United Supermarkets.  Dan created not just a mission but a culture of “Ultimate Service, Superior Performance, Positive Impact.”  This book changed my view on business and how a business should operate. Not only that but it changed by view of work and how my personal decisions in my career have a direct impact on people.  There’s no other book that has had the impact on how I view business like “Built to Serve”, it’s truly an amazing book that I recommend anyone to read, and not just people in the business world.

Dan Sanders covers a number of principles for creating a service-oriented business in “Built to Serve” that can transform any business that adopts them effectively.

“Building a People Culture in a Numbers World”

Today, many companies only measure their success by profits and power. Our culture constantly tells us that “more is better”, but is this really the case? Dan says that, “Organizations that make people and service the cornerstones of their corporate identity enjoy sustainability.” (Built to Serve, pg. 21.)

The Old Career Progression Path vs. The New Career Progression Path

The “Old Career Progression Path” describes a career that’s in pursuit of power, money, and materialism – which in the end leaves us unfulfilled and dissatisfied. The “New Career Progression Path” describes a career with symbols of success of humility and selflessness, leading to fulfillment in our work. Our culture will tell you that money and power should be the driving force for success at your company and in your career, but people who make these things their aim will end up unhappy and dissatisfied.



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