A new business has come to Downtown Lubbock bringing about 50 great paying jobs. Their name, Hoverstate.  This is great for the city and the people of Lubbock. As someone who’s in the digital marketing industry, it’s a big deal for a company like Hoverstate to move here, as they help to grow the digital marketing and tech communities here in Lubbock.

Who is Hoverstate?

Hoverstate describes themselves on their website’s company description as “a boutique marketing agency for the Health and Wellness industry. ”

What do they do?

You may be wondering what this new company in Lubbock does? According to their website they “develop digital strategies, mobile apps, websites, business applications, e-commerce, social media, & communications.”   They specifically work in the health and wellness industry and not only do the design and create products that help this industry, but they offer digital marketing services to their clients.

What does this mean for the City of Lubbock?

Two words, economic development.  Bringing business of any size to the city is important to continue the growth of Lubbock’s economy.  Downtown Lubbock’s goal of revitalization is one step closer with a business like Hoverstate moving in.

Get Excited Digital Marketers and Businesses!

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer or citizen in Lubbock, the revitalization of Downtown Lubbock and having firms in the technology marketing fields move in is very exciting.

Why Choose Lubbock, Texas for Business?

Carolyn Rowley, the Lubbock Economic Alliance (LEDA) Director said this about why Hoverstate chose Lubbock. “They looked at several cities, and ultimately they chose Lubbock because who we have and what we provide,” said Rowley. “Not only do we have a good work ethic here and a good work force, but we also have Texas Tech that provides a good pipeline of employees for them.”

Texas Tech is home to the Rawls College of Business, which gives businesses a direct access to hiring great talent from the university.  As Lubbock grows and the downtown area is revitalized, businesses should really consider becoming a part of it.  The relationship that the City of Lubbock has with Texas Tech University is vital to the growth of businesses and economic development in the city.

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