You have some options when it comes to purchasing an SSL Certificate.  To secure the data and transactions on your website it can cost you a little bit, but the cost far outweighs the price you’ll pay when your your website has been hacked and your customers information has been compromised.  The cost of SSL Certificates can range from about $10 a year to thousands of dollars a year.

If you’re looking to add an SSL Certificate to your website, here’s a basic guide for what you can expect to pay.


If you have a blog or social media website then all you’ll probably need is a standard SSL, which offers you basic website protection.  Since blogs and social media sites usually don’t store a lot of sensitive consumer information, the standard SSL Certificate will give you all the protection you’ll need.

How much does a Standard SSL Cost?

The cost for a standard SSL Certificate for your website can vary depending on a number of factors. If you go through your domain provider you’ll probably spend somewhere between about $55 – $80 a year for a standard SSL Certificate for one website. If you’re needing to protect multiple websites with a Standard SSL you’ll be spending $130 – $275 a year if you go through a domain service provider like GoDaddy.


If you own a business or organization and want to get an SSL Certificate for your website, you’ll want to get a second-tier SSL Certificate. Most businesses collect consumer data using forms, newsletter sign-ups, or usually have consumer data in the back-end of their website.  Even if you’re not an e-commerce business, this information can be extremely useful to hackers. Having your business or organization’s website hacked can have negative impacts on your business even if personal information hasn’t been compromised.

How much does an SSL Certificate Cost for a Business Website?

The cost for an SSL Certificate for a business or organization can be in the range of $80 – $100 a year for one website. These SSL packages will also include a warranty. GoDaddy offers a $250,000 warranty included with the fee of $99.99 a year for a Deluxe SLL Certificate.


eCommerce websites are an entirely different animal when it comes to website security.  With the transfer of very sensitive consumer information like credit cards and bank account information, it’s important that eCommerce websites have top notch protection for the data and consumer information entered and stored on the site/servers.

How much does an SSL Certificate Cost for a eCommerce Website?

You can expect to pay around $150 – $200 for an SSL Certificate for a eCommerce website. This number can easily be more depending on a number of factors like website size and the amount of data you need protected.

There’s also options for free SSL Certificates.

*All of these prices are ranges of prices based on a number of web domain services that offer the purchasing of SSL Certificates.  These prices may have changed since this article has been published. Also, many of these sites offering SSL Certificates have sales that will cut the price of SSL Certificates, making it much less than the price ranges shown above.

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