Skydiving, an Experience of a Lifetime

An experience of a lifetime they’ll tell you. It’s like no other thing in the world. It’s crazy, insane, and exhilarating. These are just some of the things people will say when they’ve taken the leap out of a perfectly good airplane to go skydiving, and it’s all true.

In April, I decided to go skydiving for the first time and it was pretty amazing. My Dad called me up two weeks before they were visiting and asked, “What do you think about going skydiving when i’m there in Dallas?” It was my Dad’s birthday, how could I say no?  I always wanted to go skydiving, it was on my “bucket list” but I really thought I would have more time to prepare as I had to give an answer that day to my dad so he could book our reservation. As I sat there at my desk in deep thought, I began to have a YOLO moment. I’ve told my dad and friends many times that I would go skydiving if given the opportunity and there it was, right in front of me. As I got over the two things holding me back, fear and cost, I realized that I couldn’t pass up this chance to go with my dad on his birthday, so I called him back and said, “I’m in.”

Guess what? You’ll never be ready 

If you’re waiting for the “right moment” to do something, you’ll probably never do it. Sometimes we have trouble making decisions because we like to know that the decision we’re making will benefit our idea of the “ideal outcome” we create in our minds. This is always a breeding ground for worry and anxiety. How often do you let worry about the future dictate your decisions in the present?

Skydiving seems to be one of those things that you’ll never be ready for. There’s really nothing you can do to prepare yourself either (mentally). There’s so many things in our lives that we say, “When i’m at this point in my life is when I’ll do it” or “when I’m emotionally at this level” or “when I get this or that is when I’ll go for it.” Hear me say this, there are situations in life that we need to be patient and make sure we are in a good place before pursuing whatever it is we want to pursue.  But many times we can easily hide behind excuses because we’re too afraid to take that leap of faith.

With that all that said, take a leap of faith (literately). I truly believe that things like skydiving teach us something about life.  Taking chances and risks will teach us something even if we fall flat on our face (probably not the best analogy to use in this post but you get what I’m saying).


Pushing past your comfort zone

Do you have trouble stepping beyond the fortress of comfort you build up around yourself?  It’s human nature to lean towards comfort. We live in a culture that makes living comfortably a priority and we run from anything that makes us uncomfortable. If I’ve learned anything about life it’s this, you are going to be uncomfortable and the moment you realize that and embrace it you’ll be much better off. I like comfort. Discomfort seems so, well, inconvenient.

boarding the skydiving plane near dallas

Many times discomfort is a choice. We can choose the way of ease that’s smooth sailing or we can choose the unknown that may be bumpy but through the battle we’ll be better off in the end. Have you ever gone through a tough time? Chances are most of us have. Do you run when things get tough in relationships or at work or do you run towards the chaos?

Jumping out of an airplane was way out of my comfort zone. Although I was excited to skydive, it’s something I was really nervous to do. When I got to Skydive Spaceland my nervousness did not go away. It progressed as we sat there waiting for the clouds to clear up. I prayed and asked God to ease my anxiety, to calm my nervousness, and to show me that I didn’t need to be afraid.  Going skydiving is just a picture of situations in life where we need to trust God.  I pray while doing anything that reaches beyond the walls of my comfort. If I’m not i’ll let my anxious thoughts control my actions towards people or I’ll run for the hills to find escape from dealing with a situation.

Being uncomfortable while trusting God does not come easy, but it’s worth it.

It was worth it

We got in the plane and started to climb past the clouds. I was doing it. I was in a plane and about to jump out. The entire way up there I thought to myself, “What in the world am I thinking?”  Then we got up to elevation and the plane decelerates, the door opens and one by one people start jumping out. Of course I am tandem so my instructor begins to nudge me forward as we begin sliding on the bench towards the door.  My dad is seated in front of me tandem to his instructor. They approach the door and 3 seconds later I see my dad free fall from the plane. If I were to give you a point in which I was most nervous this would be it.  My instructor and I approach the door and he says, “Ready!, Set!” and we jump.

In about 2 seconds my nervousness completely disappeared. Yes, disappeared. Something hits you when you realize you’re in the sky free falling at around 120 mph. It’s truly an amazing feeling. I thought that when the chute opened I would say, “Thank God it opened!” But that’s not what I said or even thought. My adrenaline was pumping and my mind couldn’t quite comprehend what I just experienced. When someone says, “I can’t quite describe it”, it’s true.

Fear is a liar

One of my favorite songs is Fear is a Liar by Zach Williams. Here’s the lyrics.

“Fear he is a liar
He will take your breath
Stop you in your steps
Fear he is a liar
He will rob your rest
Steal your happiness
Cast your fear in the fire
‘Cause fear he is a liar”


How many hours a day do you live in fear? How often do you fear something and then once you do it you realize it wasn’t all that bad. Many times we get so wrapped up in fear and then when we take a step of faith and actually do what makes us most afraid we realize there’s a ton of joy past our fear.  I find that when I take a chance, put myself in an uncomfortable situation and trust God, there’s happiness, joy and confidence waiting on the other side.

Don’t be Afraid. Skydiving is Totally Worth it.

oz my instructor at skydive spaceland near DFW - Dallas
My awesome instructor Oz!

If you’re thinking about Skydiving but are afraid, that’s okay. I’m not going to say you have nothing to be afraid of because jumping out of a plane for the first time is scary – let’s not downplay that. But what I am saying is don’t let the fear take hold of you to the point in which you run away and don’t take a chance.  Life is full of opportunities to trust God and people and step out in faith.  If you’re going to any of the Skydive Spaceland locations I would say that you can be confident knowing that these guys and gals are some of the most well trained, enthusiastic, and fun people. They make safety a priority every step of the way and I would be totally confident jumping again at any of their locations. (Shameless plug for Skydive Spaceland Dallas)

Alright, well here’s my video of my skydiving experience at Skydive Spaceland in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Visit the Skydive Spaceland website to book your skydiving adventure in Dallas.

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